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Prague-based Canadian artist Jessica Serran spent two and a half years walking the “field” and trying to answer the questions, “What does it mean to be from a particular place, and how does that place affect your sense of self?” The project has a particular relevance to Serran given her Czechoslovak ancestry, her interest in how the past both shapes and informs the present, and her work as a psycho-cartographer. Based on a series of nine interviews with Czech citizens and the collection of personal photographs that each participant provided, Serran delves into these questions and responds to them visually, weaving together thoughts, stories and gathered images in landscapes that map out this terrain where identity meets place and the past meets the present.


Jessica Serran is an Artist, Psycho-Cartographer and founder of theBECOMING

- an online educational platform for artists. Over the past 15 years she has used

drawing and painting to make visible and give physical form to the parts of self

that often remain hidden and hardest to touch – memory, trauma, the past,

identity, desire. Like picking at scabs, she creates images that touch the

wounded and sensitive, overlooked and oft-forgotten parts of the psyche. She

believes that it is in touching these places and diving into the darkness that we

find the metaphorical gold.

Working as a Psycho-Cartographer she has been found amongst Latino Day

Labourers and residents of Oakland, California asking questions about place

and personal experience; creating dialogue between artists and their audience

at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts in Grand Rapids Michigan, and

exploring identity and place in the land of her ancestors – the Czech Republic.

Her most recent project, Field Guide to the Czech Psyche, examines the

intersecting points where history, culture, nationality and identity in a postcommunist landscape converge in the psyche of its people.

Her approach to ethnography has been called revolutionary. Recently named a

Leader of the New Cool in Prague, she has exhibited and published her work in

the Czech Republic and throughout North America and been featured in Art 21,

Lidové Noviny, and The Prague Post.

Supporters of her work have included the Ontario Arts Council, the Arts and

Theatre Institute of Prague, CESTA – the Cultural Exchange Station of Tábor, CZ,

the Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors, the California Institute of

Integral Studies, and a myriad of backers through a highly successful Indiegogo

crowdfunding campaign that helped bring the Field Guide to the Czech Psyche

to press.


More of her work can be seen at,

Značka Jessica Serran
Obsahuje Kniha + 10 plakátů
Vydal Divus, 2013
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